Welcome to 'The Well', a 2D platformer where you play as Kigi, a young man wanting to bring life and nature back to his dying village. To do so, Kigi jumps down an old well, hoping to find the plants that left his village long ago. 

The underground is just as barren as up top, with dead vines and weeds littering the soil and many hazards that threaten Kigi's life. But, Kigi's bravery enables him to find precious seeds that cannot only bring life back to the land, but help him traverse the dangerous cavern.

Join Kigi on his journey through the underground and help him and the plants bring life back to Kigi's home! They'll need to work together to surive.


MOVE UP-DOWN-RIGHT-LEFT: W S A D or ⬆️ ⬇️ ⬅️ ➡️
JUMP: Spacebar
PLANT SEED: Click seed in inventory with Left Moue Button (or press 1/2/3)


Anniemay Parker: Writer, Narrative Designer, 2D Artist
DrManatee: Character Artist/Animator
Galen Molk: Programmer
Drillu: Programmer Drillu#2120
Nickitus: Sound Designer and Musician -

Made in 1 week for the Brackey's Game Jam with a theme of Stronger Together.


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very nice but i find a bag