We have so much time in quarantine, why don't we get more done with our time?

In this journey of self-improvement, you set daily goals for yourself and try to complete them without getting distracted. Can you complete all the tasks you set out to do?


- WASD / Arrows : Move

- Left Click : Interact

- Right Click : Close Window

Programs Used:




Programming and Art by:

Dr. Manatee

Sounds and Music made by:





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Nice game! Love the atmosphere and details that every thing is grey until you stand near it. Also the sound track fits perfectly.

For future improvement, maybe you can add couple parts of different layouts of the house and let them randomly generated every time the player start over so that you can manipulate the algorithm to increase or decrease the difficulty among different levels.

Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback! I like your suggestion with randomly generated stages, we just started late and had to end early so we made the scope really small so that we could focus on polishing the game. This game was more of a one-off practice game for me, but in the situation we do come back to it, I'll keep your suggestion in mind!

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thanks for playing, it's always nice to have gameplay videos as they are the best form of playtesting

Oh yeah! Thanks for playing! That "X" button on the computer screen had me a couple of times too.

Woo! A Godot Game!

Godot gang unite!

Ive been using godot for most of my journey, started using unity because i wanna make an online game, but i dont wanna learn networking... yesterday, i played with godot again and made a simple platformer in half an hour. but gdscript now feels weird compared to unity c#. might start using mono version. (i made like 11 platformers already...)

I love how easy it is to make things in godot but then again it's the only engine i've used so i have nothing to compare it to. I want to branch out into unity since it seems to have cool post-processing effects, gotta learn a new coding language tho

C# For Me Seemed Like A Nightmare When I Was In Godot, after Transferring tho, godot seems a bit too easy and wrong. Yesterday, I was like, eww... where r the semicolons and curly brackets?! Cuz U Don't Need Those In Godot.